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Date: Sun Dec 13 17:18:33 1998

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> Your ebay advertising service is great for ebay, and great for sellers,
> but please consider what you do to the poor bidders who already know about
> this stuff and have plans to bid on it.
> Advertising an auction is not the same as advertising a Usenet ad, for
> example, in which the advantage goes to those who did their homework and
> legwork earlier than the others. In the auction case, you've simply
> raised the price of the item.

The Internet revolution is about making contacts. Marvin is facilitating that.

After reading these comments I immediately went to the listing and looked at
the bidding history. Sure enough, there are at least two of the bidders I
recognize from this list.

When I used to go to auctions I hated to have anyone bid against me. This is a
natural and personal feeling. I was very good at finding sales that few others
went to. It was disappointing when these sales got discovered. However this is
life. Nothing stays the same. I am cultivating new sources. I am also
exploring the new way to buy and sell stuff, Internet auctions.

I don't hold that "spreading the word" is advertising. The Internet is about
community, communication and contacts. It is unfortunate when it impacts you
directly. However this is a revolution and we have to learn to go with the

It is too bad that Marvin's listing impacted you directly. Marvin was only
informing the community of something of interest. He is being a good
revolutionary. I appreciate that.
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