Keywords are not false advertising

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Sun Dec 13 17:19:42 1998

On Sun, 13 Dec 1998 wrote:

> The question then becomes "What do I list this as, that will trip the keywords
> that people search for?" You end up packing the limited space for the
> description with keywords that are only related to the item you are selling.
> This is an unfortunate consequence of the Internet revolution, not false
> advertising. The Internet revolution is about making contacts. We are making
> new modes of how to do this.

With regards specifically to the auction in question, the item was listed
as a "S100 BUS IMSAI ALTAIR Z80 EMULATOR". This item has nothing to do
with emulating the S-100 bus. That is deceptive.

> I have some gold chips that would be attractive to collectors (8080s, memory,
> 8008, etc.) but I have yet to figure out what to call them when I list them on
> ebay. I am spending considerable time to try and figure out what keywords
> people search for. I suspect my listings will be a mishmash of related words
> when I get done. When I list these next year I expect to see lots of chuckles
> about the prices I hope I am getting.

Easy. For the 8080 and 8008, Computers:Hardware:CPUs. For the memory
chips, Computers:Hardware:Memory. The categories are there. You just
have to decide if you are going to use them honestly or not.

> We are at the beginning of a revolution, I don't think anyone knows where it
> will shake out.

If its going to shake out the way other hobbies that have been destroyed
by speculators and "antique" dealers have then I'll do what I can to
prevent that.

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