Warped or bent floppies

From: Huw Davies <H.Davies_at_latrobe.edu.au>
Date: Sun Dec 13 17:59:59 1998

At 06:56 PM 12-12-98 -0800, David C. Jenner wrote:
>I have a few floppies, both 8-inch and 5.25-inch, whose outer sleeves
>have been warped or bent due to various reasons over the years.
>Although it appears that the inner, flexible media are OK, I am
>reluctant to try to read and copy these without taking some sort of

>So, what do I do? Is it conceivable to open and remove the inner
>media from the warped sleeves? Should I just try putting them under
>a pile of books to see if the warps decrease? Any ideas or practical
>experience with this would be greatly appreciated.

When this happened to me a few years ago (5.25" floppies shipped from the
States with lots of code on them that someone decided to fold neatly...) I
just removed the inner media on the damaged floppy and also from a new one.
I put the (slightly folded) inner media in the new sleeve, crossed fingers
and did a "one time" read of the data. It all worked.

Of course, YMMV but at least you know someone who had some success....

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