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> Tell us, and let us chuckle now. 8080's are available from any surplus
> electronics shop in quantity. I sold one of my 8008's on ebay a while
> back "the CPU used in the Scelbi and Mark-8, before the Altair!" and got
> $15 for it. The chip collector niche is *much* smaller than even the tiny
> computer collector niche.
Did you advertise under the keyword "Gold". I think this is the key to selling
old chips. I agree that the chip collector niche is small. However there are
many more people that collect beautiful Gold objects. This is my target

Scrap value of your 8008 is less than 25 cents. At $15 you did very well. I
plan on starting with my gold 8080s and EPROM's, not the most collectable
stuff. My main interest is in doing better than scrap value. I agree these
chips are available in every scrapyard. These came out of mine. Computer
collectors know this, gold collectors don't. Researching your market

Keywords are everything. I noticed that even you got 'Altair' in the title box
of the 8008.

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