From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun Dec 13 18:20:21 1998

>Hmm - it looks like they do Phase IV, SET HOST, and FAL, which I think
>is all you need.
>It looks like they've only done extensive testing under VMS, so it's
>possible that some of their tools assume VMS-ism's not present under
>RSX. But you won't know till you try!

I've spent a good chunk of the day trying to get this working, and finally
gave up and spent some time redoing my one VAX so it doesn't have to have
ALL the disks online when it is used. The end result is as follows:

        VAX VMS 6.1 talks to Linux 2.0.34
        Linux 2.0.34 talks to VAX VMS 6.1

        VAX VMS 6.1 talks to RSX-11M 4.2
        RSX-11M 4.2 talks to VAX VMS 6.1

        Linux DOES NOT talk to RSX
        RSX DOES NOT talk to Linux

        When doing a 'set host' on RSX, Linux acks
        When doing a 'sethost' on Linux, RSX DOES NOT ack

I don't know if I'm reading 'tcpdump' correctly, but I was using it to
monitor network traffic, and it looks as if RSX is talking 'DECnet V4.0'
and VMS and Linux are talking 'DECnet V4.1'.

I even tried modifying in the kernel the 'segsize' and 'blksize' that Linux
is talking to match what RSX is using without any luck. In fact I ran all
the tests above with that configuration.

Looks like my next step is to get ahold of the authors of Linux DECnet
software and see if they can give me any pointers.

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