Keywords are not false advertising

From: Doug Yowza <>
Date: Sun Dec 13 18:18:32 1998

On Sun, 13 Dec 1998 wrote:

> Did you advertise under the keyword "Gold". I think this is the key to
> selling old chips. I agree that the chip collector niche is small.
> However there are many more people that collect beautiful Gold objects.
> This is my target market.

You mean you're going after the jewelry crowd? That should be
interesting. If I start seeing old women with big hair wearing 4004's
around their neck, I'll be happy being able to say "I knew Paxton when he
started this trend."

> Keywords are everything. I noticed that even you got 'Altair' in the
> title box of the 8008.

Yes, and I did it without making any false claims, and included
information about the chips including their source and date codes to
ensure there was no misleading information. So, it should be clear that
I've got nothing against "keywords", but there's a HUGE difference between
getting keywords into a description and being misleading once somebody
actually reads the description.

-- Doug
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