replacement parts, was tektronics 503 scope

From: dave dameron <>
Date: Sun Dec 13 23:36:21 1998

At 06:44 PM 12/13/98 +0000, Tony wrote:
>> for originals or copies is the tricky part. Many tubes(valves) are still
>> available new as NOS or rebuilds or newly made. I even have problems on a new
>> digital scope finding some things from HP.
>It never fails to amaze me that I can get spare valves for a unit made 50
>years ago (or more), but can't get a new ASIC for a machine made 5 years
>Sad but true...
A few hundred valves/tube types I quess would be plenty for radios, TV's
computers, audio, scopes, etc. Including octal types which go back to the
1930's. Am ignoring the series string types in later tube TV's, such as (In
the US) "38qzy", etc, and CRT's.

I quess one could do the same with ic's with the 74 and 74ls series, even
with a few mos (microprocessors) parts thrown in. Even with transistors - a
2N2222 can go in many places. Not anymore...
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