"Single instance" machines

From: Doug Spence <ds_spenc_at_alcor.concordia.ca>
Date: Mon Dec 14 02:17:17 1998

On Sat, 12 Dec 1998 jeff.kaneko_at_juno.com wrote:

> ANother cool Data-20 product was the Z-80 VideoPAK. This added a Z-80
> cpu, and an 80-column display to the C-64. It was supposed to run
> CP/M also. I also have one of these as well (thanks Doug!), but no
> software. Still looking.

Do you have the power supply for it? I have one of these as well (I
believe we talked about it before) but my C64 won't power up when it's
plugged in, and there's a plug for a power supply in the back. I need to
know voltage and polarity.

I got a cassette tape with the unit, and side A is supposed to be for C64
and side B for VIC-20. I've not checked what's on it. The cassette has
the DATA-20 logo on it, so it definitely relates to this unit.

Another interesting unit is the B.I.-80 80 Column Display cartridge from
Batteries Included. It works well, and includes BASIC 4.0!

Doug Spence
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