24x80 Standard? (was: Re: HX20)

From: Hans Franke <Hans.Franke_at_mch20.sbs.de>
Date: Mon Dec 14 05:08:08 1998

> > So a 40x12 or a 80x24 similar gives a 'good' view (Just for us
> > ol'apple freaks, didn't the APPLE ][ 40x24 display look _very_
> > clumbsy ?

> Well, maybe so, but I'm glad they *didn't* go with 40x12.

> 40 characters was chosen because it was the most that a typical television
> (not monitor) in 1976 could display legibly.

64 by 20 would also have been a good choice - almost
the same ratio than 80x24 but with 256 lines (512 pixles)
still acceptable within TV limits.

(or 64x24 which is with 8x3 somewhat slim, but still
acceptable since within 33% of 5 by 2 (thats another
thumprule for characterdesign))

> And even so, most color
> televisions still had color fringes on the characters.

this is more to be put on the poor colour logic and
the low quality modulators used (and of course on NTSC :)


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