24x80 Standard? (was: Re: HX20)

From: Hans Franke <Hans.Franke_at_mch20.sbs.de>
Date: Mon Dec 14 15:23:49 1998

> > 64 by 20 would also have been a good choice - almost
> > the same ratio than 80x24 but with 256 lines (512 pixles)
> > still acceptable within TV limits.

> No. I've seen 64-column text on typical mid-70s NTSC televisions, and it was
> abysmal. The televisions had to be modified to remove their color trap
> in order to get reasonably sharp characters.

(Please, notice, I havn't talked about Colour TV)

First, basicly 70's tv had the same specs than todays.
And second 64 colume _and_ in colour _and_ NTSC ?
Say, do you still belive in the child, bringing all
the gifts ? (Or in Santa, to mention the US variant ?)

For NTSC is even 40 Columes hard to display, since a
yellow to blue change and back (for example, to take
a often used foreground/background) can be done 160
times within one scan line - but nothing else - you
will just get a kind of glowing screen. But thats not
a problem of using a TV set, thats a problem of the
NTSC colour signaling.

And if we talk about a 1976 design of a text screen,
the natural CRT would be a B&W set - still around
this time, the majority of all sold TV sets have
been B&W.


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