Keywords are not false advertising

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Mon Dec 14 16:56:15 1998

> > With regards specifically to the auction in question, the item was listed
> > as a "S100 BUS IMSAI ALTAIR Z80 EMULATOR". This item has nothing to do
> > with emulating the S-100 bus. That is deceptive.

> I agree that the listing is deceptive, poor English also. I doubt any court
> would convict on the listings of the title box alone, they would rely on the
> description to decide deception.

But thats exacly why I turned it up - it's a oridinary Z80 ICE.
Usefull for hardware developers, but anything about Altair & co
is just free flowing.

> Lets take my gold 8080 for example. (It is over 10 years old so it is on
> topic). While I would list it under CPUs my title would say something like
> "Beautiful Gold Intel 8080 Microprocessor, Rare!

Still true. Althrough I would laugh a lot, if the
price rises above 10 USD.

> 'Gold' and 'Intel' for the search engines. 'Beautiful' to get you to look at
> the picture, a nice close-up larger than life size (with size disclaimer). The
> quality of the photo is very important. It would be plugged into anti-stat
> foam in a clear plastic box. I know some of the list would quibble over the
> term 'Rare'. I have no real idea of the rarity. However after working with a
> scrapper for years my guess is they 'are' rare.

Jep, rarity is relative - German people are rare on this
world, but still there some 120 millions out there :) Or
to get down to collection, maybe you know this Magic the
Gathering carde game - I was at one time heavy involved
and played all the time - this was in the very early stage
and I have seven 'Black Lotus' cards. At one time the price
was above USD 1000 (thats a grand) for one of this pices of
paper - but I still use them for playing - more fun (ok, to
be honest, I sold two of them - I couldnt resist, but acording
to the rules only one is alowed within a game). What I want
to tell ist that rarity has more parts - shure, I know these
cards are rare, they are even rare within my munch of some
100K cards, but I have plenty.

> My intended market, obviously is the jewelry collector or someone interested
> in gold items, not a computer collector. Old gold electronics are very
> attractive.


> The unfortunate part of this is that poor English is becoming more acceptable.
> The Internet and it's use of keywords only contributes to this.

I swear I'll try to improve.


P.S.: And don't mis that he stood up onto the list.

Ich denke, also bin ich, also gut
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