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From: Hans Franke <Hans.Franke_at_mch20.sbs.de>
Date: Mon Dec 14 17:13:41 1998

> > http://www.best.com/~curbow/xerox/retrospect/images/figure8.jpg
> > is a real nice picture about that :)

> The figure shows a mix of software and hardware, and maybe there's no real
> reason to separate the two, but I think of it as:
> Star ran on the 8010 (codenamed Dandelion)
> Viewpoint ran on the 6085 (codenamed Daybreak)


> AFAIK, the Siemens box was an OEM version of the 6085, and the only
> difference was the color.

Agreed. Different colour, changed keboard layout (keycaps),
added logo and label, changed power supply and translated
and changed software. Also some apps have been developed
over here. I once had the oportunity, but at this time
Smalltalk was like a bohemian vilage to me (German phrase
for unknown). The laser printers where changed to feed
properly A4 paper (the original feeder had some problems),
also the PS have been changed (Of course includeing VDE
aproval). The printer OS has not been changed.

I have no idea about the later developments at Xerox.
Here I know only the Siemens products (like the 5815
and 5840). I don't know on which designs they have
been based.


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