Comterm Hyperion - Boot disk?

From: Barry A. Watzman <>
Date: Mon Dec 14 18:50:42 1998

Both 320k (8 sectors/track) and 360k (9 sectors/track) were used in a number of MS-DOS systems in the early 80's, and it's quite possible that any given MS-DOS implementation will support both of them and will properly recognize which way a disk is formatted through parameters in either the FAT or the boot sector.

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> Looking at the June 83 ad for the Hyperion I noticed that it has 320K drives
> instead of 360K. If I remember right the 320K format is 7 sector not 8 sector
> drives.

No, it is 8 sector instead of 9 sector disk format. The drives are no
                                                 - don
> I propose an experiment even though I too, believe it takes a special version
> of DOS. Get an old PC and format a DOS disk at the 320K format using ver 2.11.
> Transfer the system and see what happens.
> Paxton
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