Saw one...what is that? TI printing terminal Silent 700.

From: D. Peschel <>
Date: Mon Dec 14 19:35:21 1998

> This, Ti terminal Silent 700 looks like a headless thick notebook
> with real keyboard on it, full width thermal printer built in, bunch
> of ports on backside, with 2 phone-like jacks, berg connectors.
> What this for and its capabliites?

It's for connecting to other computers. As your subject says, it's a terminal
(like the VT100, H-19, Wyse, or whatever) with a printer. There is no CRT or
screen, as you can probably see. The ports and phone-line jacks are for
attaching your serial device. (I'm pretty sure there's a modem built into
the TI -- probably 300 or at most 1200 baud.)

I'm not an expert on these things, but I'm sure the capabilities are pretty
straightforward. (If you don't have a CRT, you're limited in what you can do:
print things, tab, backspace, carriage return, line feed, possibly half line
feed, possibly reverse and half reverse line feeds). I think an APL character
set is an option.

What do you mean by "berg connectors"?

-- Derek
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