Neat time-wasters for DEC enthusiasts

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Mon Dec 14 23:08:01 1998

>The second isn't so nicely packaged, it's just a loose set of documents
>that are (I assume) intended just for this facility. I personally found
>some interesting stuff by hunting through the trees, but then I am like an
>empty vessel when it comes to these systems. But neat documents, like the
>RSX-11M System Generation Guide...
>If anyone hunting through the latter site finds anything of real interest,
>I'd love to hear about it...

WOW, thank you for letting us know about this!!! This looks to be crammed
full of all kinds of interesting reading. I've already snagged a couple
meg of documents (love this new fast line). There is all kinds of stuff on
RSX-11, RT-11, VMS, 4.3BSD/VAX, etc. The Intro to RT-11 5.2 sounds

The one down side is that while they are text files they all end in .DOC,
which Netscrape seems conviced it has to download instead of viewing.
Anyone know how to fix that? I don't think I've ever run across a .DOC
file on the web that was actually MS Word, but find a LOT of text files
like that. I'd like to simply be able to open them in the web browser!

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