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From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Tue Dec 15 00:19:36 1998

At 12:28 AM 12/15/98 -0500, ethan wrote:

>> At 12:14 PM 12/13/98 -0800, Marvin <> wrote:
>> ...and 4 Amigas... 3 of which are owned by the mgr. of said radio station,
>> 2 of which he was ready to junk... 'till he met me! He's supposed to drop
>> off 2 Amiga 1200's "when he finds/fills the boxes."
>If you know of anybody else disposing of Amiga 1200's, I'd love to know
>about it. It's one of the models I _don't_ have.

Oh, I'd certainly rather had is 4000T... but that was "over his (and his
wife's) dead bodies; etc...

If I actually find more than these two, I'll keep you in mind.

>> To be honest, I'd give my left nut to stumble across a PDP or some VAX
>> equipment, but that's still cheaper to have it shipped (a bare minimum of)
>> 300 miles truck freight to my house.
>MIchigan shouldn't be any worse than Ohio for proximity of old stuff.

Ah, but remember: Michigan is 394 miles high, and damn near as wide!!!
Detroit, Ann Arbor, Flint, Saginaw... sure, but the northernmost exit to
Bay City is 230 Miles away. From Bay City to Sault Ste. Marie you have:

Farmland, Gaylord, Farmland, the Mackinac Bridge, Farmland, the Sault.

I have nothing against farmers (spent 4 years in the FFA myself)... but not
many farmers I know have Vaxen at their garage sales... (Now, if you need a
*hay baler...* ;-)))

Heading straight west from the Sault, you have:

the Sault, Hiawatha National Forest, Marquette, even less, a whole bunch of
Wisconsin that looked just like Michigan, then Duluth, Minnesota.

Otherwise, Green Bay / Bay City are roughly 4 hours away each... that's the
best I can do.

Sillycon Valley this ain't...

(BTW, for you history buffs, Sault Ste. Marie is the 3rd oldest city in the
USA... founded in 1668.)

Yes, again I ramble...

Roger "Merch" Merchberger
Happy Holidaze!
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