From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Mon Dec 14 23:28:41 1998

> At 12:14 PM 12/13/98 -0800, Marvin <> wrote:
> ...and 4 Amigas... 3 of which are owned by the mgr. of said radio station,
> 2 of which he was ready to junk... 'till he met me! He's supposed to drop
> off 2 Amiga 1200's "when he finds/fills the boxes."

If you know of anybody else disposing of Amiga 1200's, I'd love to know
about it. It's one of the models I _don't_ have.

> To be honest, I'd give my left nut to stumble across a PDP or some VAX
> equipment, but that's still cheaper to have it shipped (a bare minimum of)
> 300 miles truck freight to my house.

MIchigan shouldn't be any worse than Ohio for proximity of old stuff. I've
managed to score the odd VAX and even the occasional PDP-8, but not in the
past five years :-( PDP-11's are much more common. We had a rash of
PRO-350's on the flea market circuit for $25-$40 a few years ago. I got
a PRO-350 with (original) Venix disks. Not only were they free, but the
guy *dropped them off*, too.

Mostly, I run across stuff by blind luck. Sometimes, people call me to
tell me that they are disposing of stuff at work, but not often. I'm
attempting to rescue some TC11's and TU55's at Lucent, but their rigid
disposal policy might consign them to the crusher. :-(

Keep searching, and if you ever have too many Amiga 1200's, I'm here to

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