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Date: Tue Dec 15 10:43:00 1998

>Well, I guess we lost an RSX document resource for some reason.
>http://rsxbbs.delconet.com/ has a shouting message and graphic:
>"Due to negative comments by posters to vmsnet.pdp-11,
> the RSX BBS was decommissioned on 13 December 1998.
> There are no plans to restore the service. Some
> material will be moved to a commercial site.
>Previous donors should contact the Webmaster
>to arrange return of their equipment or documents. "
>I cannot keep up with Usenet groups for lack of time.

Too bad - there's a lot of good information on the technical
newsgroups (i.e. vmsnet.pdp-11, alt.sys.pdp10) that you'd probably

> Anybody know what the
>'negative comments' were about that I (we) missed?

Bruce had an unusual policy of sending nastygrams to folks who
(gasp!) put a link to his site without permission. Anyone who
did link without permission would find that their network was
no longer able to access his site. When someone mentioned this
policy on vmsnet.pdp-11, Bruce responded by completely shutting
down his web site.

>There were some Emulex docs posted there I wanted to check again (at URL:
>http://rsxbbs.delconet.com/docs/emulex/index.html). Any other location??

I'm not sure what was there (I never had any way to read the Microsoft
Word formats), but if you ask you'll probably find out what you need
to know. What do you need to know?

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