Apple ][ FAQ archive site closed

From: Marvin <>
Date: Tue Dec 15 11:07:00 1998

Zane H. Healy wrote:
> Which reminds me, in what appears to be a simular case, the Apple ][ FAQ
> site has closed shop recently. Does anyone know where to find the Apple ][
> FAQ's? They are a valuable source of information, and surprisingly detailed.

I just found that out yesterday when I was doing web research on the Apple
][. One of the links I saw (and don't recall where) mentioned that
permission was only granted to the makers of two CD-ROMs, so it may be
possible the Apple ][ information would be available there. The following
is a quote from the "FAQ" posted there:

   This FAQ may not be sold, bundled on disks or CD-ROMs, reprinted in
   magazines, books, periodicals, or the like without prior consent from
   the maintainer, Nathan Mates. Exceptions are explicitly granted for
   Joe Kohn's Shareware Solutions II newsletter, and Jim Maricondo's
   Golden Orchard CD-ROM collection. Email me for permission otherwise.

This short "FAQ" had all the disclaimers and legal garbage in it and had a
link to the actual FAQ. If anyone finds a copy of the FAQ, I would most
definitely appreciate a copy!!!
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