SOL feeding frenzy?

From: Marty <>
Date: Tue Dec 15 16:09:24 1998

 I've been collecting radios, televisions, and computer equipment for
 some years. I've bought and sold lots of different radios and
 televisions, always to buy yet another more coveted radio or
 television. I don't have the disposable income necessary to collect
 everything I want and regardless of available resources, my interests
 have changed over the years. What once bowled me over may have grown
 passe` to me now. Anyway, I've funded the purchase of new and to
 myself, better gear by selling off what I am no longer in love with or
 just plain bored with. I have made a profit on some of what I've sold,
 taken a loss on others. I've been able to better my collection without
 denying my children milk and clothing this way.

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 | there are actually people trying to make money off this hobby.
 I hear this a lot, but I think it's just collectors like us whining (yeah,
 whining, I'm guilty too) of prices for this stuff going up past the junk
 While I do not dispute that there are folks who have had some machine(s) in
 their closet/garage/warehouse for some time, find out that it's worth money
 now, and pop it onto eBay, I am not aware of anyone who is _buying and
 selling_ classic computers for a profit.
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