Computer paint jobs (was Re: SOL feeding frenzy?)

From: Jason Willgruber <>
Date: Wed Dec 16 01:05:09 1998

>Y'know, many times I've thought of painting computers, but never to
>"fake" a classic, merely to make a computer I liked look good. For
>instance, I never liked the dingy (and getting dingier every year)
>off-white color of the TRS-80 Model 16 and most later Tandy
>equipment. I always thought a Model 4, a 6000HD or a Tandy 2000
>would benefit greatly with a trip to the local Earl Scheib outlet
>for some nice metalflake or pearlescent coating. No chrome.

I have a Compaq laptop that I had repainted because it was all covered from
some sort of soot or something. It's not black, with silver accents. I had
another computer that someone actually DID have chrome plating put on it (I
don't know how). It was a Tandy 1110HD laptop. It looked pretty neat,
after a black keyboard was put into it. Unfortunately, it was dropped, and
the screen shattered (I was letting someone borrow it). I got it back,
didn't worry about it much, because I never really used it that often. I
eventually ended up selling it for $30 at a flea market, as-was because I
found out it wasn't really worth it to get a new screen for it. Now, if it
was an 1800, I would have bought a new screen for it...
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