Computer paint jobs (was Re: SOL feeding frenzy?)

From: Jay Jaeger <>
Date: Tue Dec 15 21:51:49 1998

I know of a couple interesting paint jobs from the past.

The first was on a 360/65 MP (multiprocessor) system at Wisconsin DOT.
Standard IBM
colors for that machine was blue. But DOT managed to convince IBM to make
a red one. The
cable duct between the CPU's was sexy black. It was one very nice looking
system ( and
lots of lights!).

The other was that Intel actually did use silver automotive paint on some
of their Intel Scientific
machines. I tried to get the same paintjob on an Intel (then Jupiter
technologies) FastPath
(IBM Channel Attached Ethernet controller) in the 80's, and got close, but
wasn't able to get
Jupiter to do it.


>> On Wed, 16 Dec 1998, Tony Duell wrote:
>> > Now faking is another matter. No way would I consider that to be
>> > reasonable conduct from a collector. If you have a machine in a rare
>> > colour scheme, then it's fine to touch up the paintwork, but not to
fake one.

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