Language and wiered people

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>> If we were born 30 years earlier, we'd probably have been
>> collectors/restorers of antique
>> cars or aeroplanes or steam engines instead.
>What do you mean 'would have been' ?
>You mean there are people here who _don't_ love other forms of ancient
>machinery? I am (seriously) very supprised - I've never met a classic
>computer enthusiast face-to-face who doesn't also love steam engines or
>vintage cars, or antique clocks/watches or old cameras, or something like
>that (those are all _inclusive_ ORs, of course).

You still haven't. I LOVE the stuff you mentioned. I was speaking in a
"if there were no old computers to collect" mode.
I have a weakness for clocks, watches and teleprinters.
I also like
classic cars and aircraft (I used to fly quite a bit when I was younger)
I'm in mourning at the moment because the RAAF is retiring it's last
Dakota's in a couple of weeks. I'm an Air Force Cadet Officer and
and have been on a few rides in the old Dak's with cadets. Alas, no
(I am restoring a 3cm radar off a commercial ship at the moment,
for use by our cadets. Very different.)
My first ever ride in an aircraft was in an Ansett ANA DC3, around 1961.
I'd have one in my collection, but I can't figure how to get it past my
Steam engines? Yes, I have been on the Pichi Richi railway here in S.A. and
also Puffing Billy in the Melbourne area, and the Funicular Railway in the
Mountains. I can still remember the steamers coming down the main street.
(the rail line ran down the centre for many years, gone now unfortunately)

Geoff Roberts
Computer Room Internet Cafe
Port Pirie
South Australia.
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