Modem tones over television or radio

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Fri Dec 18 07:51:55 1998

> > > Does anyone remember any pre-BBS-era, pre-Internet attempts to send
> > > modem tones over US radio or television programming?
> > I've got two words for you, too:
> > Packet Radio.

> Packet Radio??!?!! Think back, man - the U.S. Navy was doing this in the
> 1930s...

Packet radio ? In the 30s ? This is a packet switching network
thru a single chanal with halve duplex connections. To do this
at least micro coded controllers with a storage of at least one
packet are needed - in the 30s ? Maybe you reffer to wireless
teletype communication with id compare - I remember an article
about such a thin done in Germany in the early 30s - any trans-
mitted char was preceded by a codenumber of the reciver station
and only the addressed station did print the character. But it's
still not packet radio, since colision was not detected (other
than by getting the wrong result) and not permited. It was just
a way to share a single chanal.


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