Couple oddball RSX-11M questions

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Date: Sat Dec 19 09:25:42 1998

>Now the first quesiton is this. I've got a bunch of RL01's and RL02's with
>software on them, and when I got them I backed them up onto my Linux box so
>I could play with them in the Emulator without having RL01/02 drives in the
>house. Using the network I should be able to transfer those Disk Images
>over to the PDP-11. However, can I mount those disk images under RSX-11M
>4.2 like I can RT-11 disk images under RT-11? If so what do I need to do

If you wanted access to the RT-11 files on the RL02, you'd use FLX. Type
HELP FLX at the MCR prompt.

I suspect that you want to access the "raw" image, though. If you were
using 11M+, you'd do a MOU /FOR, then you'd be able to block-address
the drive as the file "DL0:", etc. Under 11M you don't even have to do
the /FOR (though you may have to do an ALLocate.)

>Second question. As I understand it, using DECnet it is possible to use
>the tape drive on VAX from another VAX.

Depending on the version and the tape interface and what software you have,
yes it can be accessed over the network. The best way to do this is to
have the machine with the drive do TMSCP serving to the rest of the cluster,
though there do exist DECUS freeware tools for non-cluster serving across

> Well, the VAX in the house doesn't
>have a tapedrive, and I've not run the network out to the garage. So is it
>possible to have the VAX access the TK-50 on the PDP-11/73 via DECnet?

FAL on RSX won't let you do so. But you could upgrade to 11M+ 4.5, and
use VCP to make a tape image. But even this isn't very smooth.

My favorite solution would be sneakernet - pull the drive and controller
and move it !

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