Couple oddball RSX-11M questions

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sat Dec 19 12:45:33 1998

>>Now the first quesiton is this. I've got a bunch of RL01's and RL02's with
>>software on them, and when I got them I backed them up onto my Linux box so
>>I could play with them in the Emulator without having RL01/02 drives in the
>>house. Using the network I should be able to transfer those Disk Images
>>over to the PDP-11. However, can I mount those disk images under RSX-11M
>>4.2 like I can RT-11 disk images under RT-11? If so what do I need to do
>If you wanted access to the RT-11 files on the RL02, you'd use FLX. Type
>HELP FLX at the MCR prompt.

I was able to use FLX to transfer a couple files over to a ESDI Hard Drive
that is RT-11 formatted. I don't currently have any RL drives attached,
and am trying to avoid that.

>I suspect that you want to access the "raw" image, though. If you were
>using 11M+, you'd do a MOU /FOR, then you'd be able to block-address
>the drive as the file "DL0:", etc. Under 11M you don't even have to do
>the /FOR (though you may have to do an ALLocate.)

Well, I got a couple of RL01 images transferred over to the PDP-11 and
using RSX-11M 4.2 I've looked through the manuals for MOUnt, ALLocate, and
ASSign. I also spent a bunch of time experimenting this morning, but
failed to come up with a solution.

>>have a tapedrive, and I've not run the network out to the garage. So is it
>>possible to have the VAX access the TK-50 on the PDP-11/73 via DECnet?
>FAL on RSX won't let you do so. But you could upgrade to 11M+ 4.5, and
>use VCP to make a tape image. But even this isn't very smooth.
>My favorite solution would be sneakernet - pull the drive and controller
>and move it !

Slight problem, I wanted to access the drive from a VS3100, all my Q-Bus
machines have TK-50's :^) Oh, well, I knew this one was a little far

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