Info needed: Loci 2

From: James Willing <>
Date: Sun Dec 20 19:57:47 1998

Amongst a stack of new acqusitions today a rather interesting looking unit
branded "LOCI 2". Based on the name/serial number plate on the rear, it is
an electronic programmable calculator. Apparently built by Wang Labs.

One of the interesting things about it (to me at least) was an accessory
that came with it. A card reader. Reads cards in the IBM 80 column form
factor, but they are different. The cards (of which I received a supply
along with the unit) carry 40 columns of data, have perforated holes for
manlau punching, and are masked to indicate 80 steps of programming
information. (pictures to follow on my web site in the next few days)

It was supposed to be functional when it was put in storage (some years
ago), but it will probably be a while before I can start working htru a
pre-start routine on it.

Anyone familiar with this unit? And does anyone have any docs on it?


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