Info needed: Loci 2

From: Huw Davies <>
Date: Tue Dec 22 21:11:33 1998

At 05:57 PM 20-12-98 -0800, James Willing wrote:
>Amongst a stack of new acqusitions today a rather interesting looking unit
>branded "LOCI 2". Based on the name/serial number plate on the rear, it is
>an electronic programmable calculator. Apparently built by Wang Labs.

>Anyone familiar with this unit? And does anyone have any docs on it?

Well I did some serious programming on one a few years ago (when it was new
- I'm guessing early '70s). From the little I recall (lots of red wine
between then and now :-) the main interesting fact about this (apart from
the nixie tube display) was that multiplication was done by means of
logarithms. So 2x2=3.99999999 rather than the 4 expected.

The card reader was neat too - rather like a bed of nails....

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