SunOS -- was: Evans & Sutherland Y2K scrapyard heads-up

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Date: Tue Dec 22 11:20:11 1998

SunOS and Solaris were seperate creatures up until about Solaris 2.4 and
SunOS 5.4 when they began merging the two into one entity.
As for the numbering scheme that is definitely weird. It's advertised as
Solaris 7, yet in the code it comes up as 2.7. Guess their marketing dept.
had an afterthought about it.


On Tue, 22 Dec 1998, (Pete Turnbull) wrote:
>On Dec 21, 23:04, Aaron Christopher Finney wrote:
>> Indeed. SunOS 4.1.x is what I was referring to. I generally assume that
>> someone who mentions "SunOS" is referring to versions previous to 5.0 and
>> "Solaris" refers to versions 5.0 and later, although I realise that
>> Solaris is officially SunOS.
>I wasn't sure what was meant, but what you describe is what I usually
>assume as well (though SunOS != Solaris, according to Sun -- they seem to
>have changed their marketing position recently, to say nothing of the
>numbering scheme).
>Pete Peter Turnbull
> Dept. of Computer Science
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