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Date: Tue Dec 22 11:53:54 1998

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> SunOS and Solaris were seperate creatures up until about Solaris 2.4 and
> SunOS 5.4 when they began merging the two into one entity.
> As for the numbering scheme that is definitely weird. It's advertised as
> Solaris 7, yet in the code it comes up as 2.7. Guess their marketing dept.
> had an afterthought about it.

I don't know where you are getting this. Solaris is an "environment". Always
been. It includes SunOS, Openwindows, and tools. Real developement ended on
SunOS 4 about 7 years ago, 4.1.4 being the last released version about 3-4
ago. Also called Solaris 1.1.2. Yes, the Solaris moniker was retrofitted to
SunOS 4 stuff.

SunOS 5, also called Solaris 2, is running rampant as we speak. the Solaris
7 thing, well, we figured that was just to get a bigger number than NT 5.
now its windows 2000. Solaris 7, aka 5.7, aka 2.7, still returns 5.7 in the
commands to ensure compatibility with scripts, etc.

This is even on topic, sort of. The Sun announcement of what would become
Solaris was in 1987.

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