OT: Online auctins an institution?

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>Eric Smith <eric_at_brouhaha.com>
>Just tell me you are joking - next time someone copyrights the
>number 5 and you have to pay to use it ? C'mon, they CAN'T
>copyright data - only representations ... It can't go that

I seem to recall that this is the reason the Pentium(c) is called that and
a 586. Intel tried to copyright it, (to stop clone chip makers calling
their cpu's
"586's", and were told by the courts (?) that a numerical sequence couldn't

>> There most certainly are companies that claim ownership of raw data, and
>> in not yet enough established case law in this area. Some of the courts
>> ruled in favor of plaintifs in these cases.

Shakespeare had the right idea. "First, lets kill all the lawyers"
The USA is not the entire world either. A company established in
say, Latvia or Kazahkstan selling such information might as well
be on the dark side of the moon as far as US courts/laws are concerned.

>Hmm, you sound realy serious. It's ridicoulus ... next time
>time some University claims the fact that the earth is measured
>25.000 Miles around and wants royalities from everyone using this
>fact ? Maybe thats a way to convert the US to the metric system ...
>just copyright all mesurements in Miles and Inches ad so on ...

Now there's a thought......:^)


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