VAX/VMS Assistance Requested

From: Doug Yowza <>
Date: Tue Dec 22 19:06:33 1998

> If you have any programming languages at all on the machine you could try
> writing a uudecode utility and then uuencoding the kermit binary on another
> machine, and doing the cut and paste you were talking about. You could
> probably write a uudecode in DCL, but it would be slow, ugly, and nasty.

This used to be a common problem, and "shar" (shell archive) was the
common answer. On Unix, it was a simple shell script that you could wrap
source code in. Under VMS, there was a DCL equivalent.

I just looked around for a VMS version of shar, and couldn't find one :-(

I also remember that KERMIT commonly came with a simple boot-strap
program, but I didn't find one of those for VMS either....

If you have a C compiler on the VMS box, I would just try getting the
kermit sources file-by-file onto your system via:
        COPY SYS$INPUT file1.c
or whatever the DCL syntax is.

-- Doug
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