VAX/VMS Assistance Requested

From: Wirehead Prime <>
Date: Tue Dec 22 19:30:07 1998

> >Ok, here's the scoop. I actually have a MicroVax II on the net kinda
> >sorta via a terminal server.
> Uh, ok.
> Is the telnet function being supplied by the terminal server and not by an
> IP stack on the machine itself? Does it have a network card?

A little explanation here. I have a MicroVax II with 9 megs, an RD54,
16 serial ports, a TK50 and controller, a TSV05 and a streaming tape drive
that goes with it. I do not have an RX50, although I've considered whether
I should pull one out of a DecMate III I have and put it in the MicroVax.

I have a dialup connection through my office, which goes into the back
of a Livingston PM-11, which is a 10 port serial terminal server. The
Vax is connected to another port and I can set it up so that if I telnet
to a specific port on the terminal server, I go into the serial port on the
Vax instead. That works if I twiddle a bit with set term/modem and set
term/hangup a bit.

Just for sake of description, I'm using a Mac SE running System 7.0.1 as
a console to the Vax. =-)

If anyone would like to see the VMS prompt, for no apparent reason,
telnet to port 6001. Hit return and VMS will ask you to
login. Unless I happened to be logged in through the terminal server at
the time. =-)

I do not have a qbus ethernet board. Someone on the list had them for
$50 but I'm wretchedly poor so I make due with serial connections to my
freebie machines.

> Are there any other Vaxen there? An asynchronous Decnet connection is
> a possibility even if it doesn't have a network card. I'm assuming it's
> running VMS? Or NetBSD?
It's running VMS5.3-1. But that just gave me an idea. Someone on the list
said they were doing Decnet with a Linux box. I spend ALL my time every
day hacking on Linux boxes and have several at home. Hmmm...I'll have to
dig back through the list postings! =-)
At any rate, if anyone can send me kermit on a TK50 I'd be happy to cover
costs or send the TK50 cart back when I'm done.

Anthony Clifton, kc0cue
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