VAX/VMS Assistance Requested

From: Computer Room Internet Cafe <>
Date: Tue Dec 22 19:18:52 1998

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Date: Wednesday, 23 December 1998 11:56
Subject: VAX/VMS Assistance Requested

>Ok, here's the scoop. I actually have a MicroVax II on the net kinda
>sorta via a terminal server.

Uh, ok.

>But my problem is that I've got no way to
>get binaries on and off the machine.
>have no file transfer capabilities
>on it as far as I can tell

Does it have a tape or floppy drive?

>My understanding is that you can take any file, binary, text, etc and put
>it in a share archive (IE .shar) extension, transfer it to the machine in
>text mode (basically cut and paste in a terminal window or using an ASCII
>transfer) and simply execute it using a _at_.
>Does the kermit binary(ies) exist someplace via ftp
>in a .shar archive?


>Maybe I'm being completely ignorant here. Because I can reliably telnet

Is the telnet function being supplied by the terminal server and not by an
IP stack on the machine itself? Does it have a network card?
Are there any other Vaxen there? An asynchronous Decnet connection is
a possibility even if it doesn't have a network card. I'm assuming it's
running VMS? Or NetBSD?

>to the machine I'd like to clean it up, make a backup image on tape,

This implies it has a TK50 or similar. Someone on the list who is closer
to you, that has Vaxen with TK tapes, might be able to send you Zmodem
or Kermit binaries on TK50 if that's the case.
That would likely be the easiest way.

Hope this helps.

Geoff Roberts
Computer Room Internet Cafe
Port Pirie
South Australia.
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