Price of a Lisa 2?

From: Andrew Davie <>
Date: Wed Dec 23 14:04:42 1998

> My experience is with receiving these as payment from overseas
> customers. Customers being what they are, they'd complain about
> the least little thing - but I don't remember any complaints
> about conversion rates. I did hear about high wire-transfer fees
> and often had pleas to put false values on customs forms...

Customs here will assess 26% of appraised value on anything computer like
that you import. Unless you can prove you've owned it for over 12 months,
you'll have to prove that impressive looking computer is practically
valueless in the market. Sometimes, with customs agents, that's harder than
you might think - sure it might be a piece of junk for using - but it's a
collectible - an antique, right?

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