Price of a Lisa 2?

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Wed Dec 23 14:31:49 1998

> >Then you probably sunk at least 25% in "conversion factor". That is
> >often invisible unless you watch the markets. (I don't mostly, it's
> >speculating between the "values" of fiat moneys trying to predict
> >what the governments will do with or to each other).

> My experience is with receiving these as payment from overseas
> customers. Customers being what they are, they'd complain about
> the least little thing - but I don't remember any complaints
> about conversion rates. I did hear about high wire-transfer fees
> and often had pleas to put false values on customs forms...

Maybe cecause accepting conversation rates is just usual (as
long as they stay within a acceptable amount), But wire fees
are realy enourmous - for example, if I want to use Western
Union transfer I pay a basic fee of about 30 USD _plus_ an
additional fee based on the amount. And for the value - I
can't see any reason to put a high value on any _private_
_second_hand_ sale to risk paying custom fees. Althrough there
is no more an additional tax for computers (they dropped it
about a year ago) or computer parts (remember wehn sending a
PC radio card - it's a computer part, not a radio) you still
have to pay 16% VAT of the value on the form if it is above
a certain limit. The officers have to decide if they let it
go as private package (gift etc.) and let it pass, or apply
the strict business rules. So it might be usefull to talk -
and if there is a 'personal' letter inside, it helps a lot.

I don't like to pay senseless tax - especialy when the way
these taxes are given is not consistent - If s.o. buyes. lets
say a Picasso painting for several millions he wont pay a
single Pfennig ...

Transport, Transfer and Tax (TTT :) is a mayor problem for
buying stuff for the collection from oversees.


P.S.: This is not about tax evadeing in General - I have no
      problem in paying when I just import anything for business

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