Commodore Pet 2001

From: Phil Clayton <>
Date: Wed Dec 23 09:14:54 1998

Tony Duell wrote:

> It's worth replacing all the IC sockets on old PETs. I've had problems
> caused by them.

Yes that may be worth doing on some sockets, some are very loose fitiing.

> You can dismantle the keyboard by undoing the obvious screws on the back.
> It helps to take the entire keyboard out of the PET first. Then clean the
> PCB contacts with propan-2-ol. You can try gently cleaning the conductive
> rubber pads on the ends of the keys, but be careful as it's easy to
> totally remove the conductive coating.
> -tony

What about just spraying some TV tuner cleaner from Radio shack on the
who that help ?

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