Commodore Pet 2001

From: Phil Clayton <>
Date: Wed Dec 23 09:15:42 1998

> > Well I finally got an original Commodore Pet 2001 8MB RAM
> If a Pet held that much RAM I'd
> have swallowed my distaste for the 6502 and gone for that
> instead of the TRS-80.

HeHe!! You are right about the memory.. 8KB should be the correct
memory.. HeHe!!
I'm so used to typing MB after RAM statements, its routine..
Besides in 1978 who would have needed more than 8KB RAM
anyway.. <Grin>

I will try removing the keyboard unit and clean the contacts,
actually after I have typed on it for awhile it seems to be improving..
Its been sitting for years untouched.
So the Kybd definitely needs a good cleaning..

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