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From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Wed Dec 23 11:20:46 1998

> > > > > Not having an assembly manual for any of the early 8bit kits (altair, imsai,
> > > > > etc...) I was wondering about the experiences/success of anyone
> > > > > DISassembling one *back* to kit form. Anybody?

> > > > You cannot be serious about that. The soldering and board etches are not
> > > > always the best quality and desoldering all them holes is a major task
> > > > never mind the potential of cooking a soldered in componenet..

> > > > I've built three altairs (8800A or earlier) and they were not fun to
> > > > assemble but it saved a bundle.

> > > Un-etching a board is a challenge I would not accept.

> > Un-etching?
> > For unsoldering if this is what its about, [...]

> No, un-etching was the term I used. Kits used to start with a
> sheet of material coated with copper and (usually you applied it
> yourself) wax. You scraped off wax where you didn't want the
> traces to be, then you dipped it in acid to remove the bare
> copper. You'd find out quickly whether you'd applied or scraped
> the wax properly. Un-etching would imply putting the copper back
> on the board to return the kit to its virgin condition.

Jep, this was also what cames to my mind, but 'un-etching' is
... lets say nonsense ! Or had the kids only to-be-etched Boards ?
I guess he only thought about puting them back to components.

> Stripping components from a board is easy. I was doing that
> before Clinton seduced his first cheerleader in high school.

You mean Hilary ? :))
(I still can't get all this Clinton stuff - You (Americanos)
must live on the happiest place of this world, if you have
the time to go for this zipper thing ...)


Ich denke, also bin ich, also gut
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