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From: Christian Fandt <cfandt_at_netsync.net>
Date: Thu Dec 24 16:56:54 1998

Hey gang! Hope your holidays have been good to you so far whether Chanukah
or Christmas or Ramadan or Kwanzaa or no particular reason.

Well, here's a bit of a lead. Recall several days ago we got the original
msg posted here giving a list of Russian radios for sale? Being one of the
resident old radio nuts on the ClassicCmp list I sent a private email sort
of taking them to task for sending an off topic post to our list. Only Wm.
Donzelli and myself on this list would even be interested in old radios as
we are both members of the AWA. Maybe one or two others here are also
members or simply like old radios --Tony D. is one, otherwise I don't know.

BTW, the jpg attached to the original msg showing a Redstar radio seems to
be the same radio as I had seen at our Annual AWA Conference last
September. IIRC, a fellow from Great Britain bought it at our equipment
auction. Paid a big buck for it too. It had a metal case painted in that
interesting red woodgrain pattern. My Swedish friend commented it was a
direct copy of a French radio design and that the paint often falls off
these things and they rust badly.

Anyway, I got a reply back saying they can get old Russian computers (from (dialup26.kaluga.com) by mx.kaluga.ru). In the back of my
mind I *knew* I might get a reply from them saying they could get old

So, by golly, here it is below. I figure it is one or more Russian folks
who are trying to make some sort of money. Times are real hard over there
as you already know.

But I'm not too sure about doing any business with them. I would likely
work with an AWA member from Sweden, France or Germany that I personally
know to get Russian radio gear. Hans F. may have some trusted Eastern
connections to get Russian Computer gear.

So, these guys are just spammers in my book as far as I can presently see.
Oh well . . .

Regards, Chris
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>From: "The Old Radios Trade" <oldradios_at_radiolink.net>
>To: "Christian Fandt" <cfandt_at_netsync.net>
>Subject: Re: Old Radios
>Date: Thu, 24 Dec 1998 11:43:16 +0300
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>Dear Friends
>What russian old computers are you interested ?
>We can to acquire it here for you!
>Thanks for your interest.
>The Old Radios Trade.
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>From: Christian Fandt <cfandt_at_netsync.net>
>To: The Old Radios Trade <oldradios_at_radiolink.net>
>Date: Thursday, December 24, 1998 6:44 AM
>Subject: Re: Old Radios
>>At 00:08 12/24/98 +0300, you wrote:
>>>Dear Colleagues
>>>We have for sale multitude of rare russian antiquarian radios.
>>>There are Zvezda 54 (RED STAR) , Belarus 53, SVD9 and many others solid
>>>We have are the following portable radios:
>>>model, year.
>>Why did you send this to our list? We are interested only in old computers
>>on the ClassicCmp list, not radios. Please don't do it again.
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