Sam explains why Billy Boy is in trouble!

From: Daniel T. Burrows <>
Date: Thu Dec 24 17:19:37 1998

>At 10:06 AM 12/24/98 -0800, you wrote:
>>This is grossly off-topic but I just want to explain to our foreign
>>friends why Clinton should not be running our country.
> YA!!!! Well said Sam!!!!
I agree but want to add a couple items.

He is supposed to be the "Commander in Chief" of the Armed Forces and there
have been many servicemen and women discharged, stripped of their rank,
retirement pensions, and I think some have even spent time in prison for
similar and less serious things than Clinton has done.

One of the things that the "government" looks for when they do security
checks before you can work in a "classified" area is a full background check
looking for anything that someone could blackmail you with. One of the
biggies is just what Clinton did. If you put it down on the paperwork they
will just verify it but if you don't or are off by a month or 2 boy are you
in for the questions. This could be something recent or 15 years ago.

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