SCSI floppies

From: Jim Strickland <>
Date: Thu Dec 24 22:28:11 1998

> Also some of the older SCSI controllers, I believe the Adaptec 1541B is
> one, had floppy drive connectors on them, but I think this was for standard
> floppies.

Yup. the 1542 series all supports standard floppies. That's what distinguishes
then from the 1540 series. 1542B is a good solid card. I've got one in my
unix machine. Place I was working at said they were too obselete to use.

Other topic:
I know it was mentioned here before that the rz23 drives don't autostart.
Does anyone know if older macintosh's (say, an se30) can give the device
start sequence? or if there's any simple way to force the drive to start

Jim Strickland
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