SCSI floppies

From: Jason Willgruber <>
Date: Fri Dec 25 02:23:25 1998

>Many of the dual adapter Adaptec had floppy controllers, MFM of course. The
>machine I've ever seen with SCSI floppies was a workstation, and although
>sure it wasn't a NeXT, I don't recall what brand it was.
Only problem is that the WANG isn't a workstation it's not even a desktop.
It's a *laptop*. It's and 8086 with 1 MB RAM, and a 10 MB HD. There's no
place to install a new SCSI controller card. I dismantled the external
floppy (there is no internal floppy), which is nearly the size of the
computer, and it appears to have a standard 360k floppy, connected to
another board, which is connected to the dual SCSI socket on the back of the
unit (centronics? look like a big printer connector- on the printer end).
The drive ID dial is also connected to the board. Where would I be able to
find some drives (1.2 MB, 720k, 1.44MB, HD's) that would be fairly cheap
(with cables)? I'm not sure if the controller that's in the drive box now
is capable of running a higher density drive, but I'd like to keep it
original (when the drive is being accessed, the light flashes like HD

If anyone would like a picture to see what it looks like, just send me a
personal email, and I'll send you a picture (about 40k).

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