SCSI floppies

From: R. Stricklin <>
Date: Sat Dec 26 15:49:21 1998

On Thu, 24 Dec 1998, Zane H. Healy wrote:

> Yes. I'm thinking that the NeXT slabs used 2.88Mb SCSI floppies, but...
> Can't think of any other instances at the moment, but I have heard of such
> a beast before.

The NeXT floppies were not SCSI interfaced. They have a proprietary
interface. There were aftermarket 2880k external floppies with SCSI
interfaces that would give an '030 cube (without its own floppy
controller) or a Cube that'd been upgraded to '040 (and thus lacked the
milled opening for a floppy disk on the front panel) a floppy disk drive.
I have one of the more popular versions of this disk drive---a PLI

Also, SCSI floppy disks were offered on some of the earlier HP 9000-700
series machines that also lacked floppy controllers. The 715/60, /80, and
a few others had onboard floppy controllers that I believe support
standard PC-type 1440k floppy disk drives. I can't test this because I
need a keyboard interface (what a thoughtful design! q: ) for my 715/80
and have been thus far unable to locate one.

These don't even come close to being within the scope of this list,

The floppy disk drive that was an option on the old SGI Iris Indigo R3000
machines was also SCSI interfaced, and I believe had a 1440k capacity.

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