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Date: Sat Dec 26 19:12:05 1998

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> I'd say that it's fairly intelligent. In the manual, it says that a 360k
> 5.25", 720k 3.5", and 1.2MB 5.25" drive were available. It claims that any
> one or all the drives could be connected. It says nothing about a 1.44MB
> 3.5", though (were 1.44MB drives around in 1986?). It supposedly can
The Wang laptop (transportable) was a huge black machine that connected
several peripherals via it's 50 pin Centronics interface connector terminated
at the end of the chain. I have never seen a 3 1/2" floppy for it so I am not
surprised that it had only a 720 available. I don't think they made a 1.44. I
had a MO drive for them once and I know there was a CD also. You could chain
more than one hard drive too. Wang had pretty good firmware, so I am not too
surprised that they are plug and play. I have no idea how well Wang complied
with the SCSI standards.
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