Virus Checking

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Date: Mon Dec 28 23:32:32 1998

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> I suspect a virus, but my antivius software
> > didn't find one, but I don't really trust it. I only really trust it if
> it
> > find a virus...)
> One of the ways I use to check for a virus is to run CHKDSK and look at the
> total memory. For a number of viruses I have seen, the normal number of
> 655360 gets reduced to some other value.

Many stealth viruses can hide from virus checkers as well as not showing the
memory they occcupy as used. When you ran the scanner did you boot from a
_known_clean_ write protected floppy, this is essential for reliable scanning.
Also, you do not say what virus scanning software you are using bear in mind
that MS anti virus doesn't detect many common viruses.

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