HELP!!!! TRS-80 Mod III M/B NEEDED!!!!

From: R. Stricklin <>
Date: Mon Dec 28 23:39:17 1998

On Tue, 29 Dec 1998, Jason Willgruber wrote:

> Oh. I didin't know that. You've got one of the cassette models. Wanna
> sell the M/B??

Impasse. (: No, I don't.

The Model III was my family's first computer... it had 48k and a disk
drive; I wish we hadn't sold it. Mine is a 16k casssette model, and I'm
hoping to find the bits I need to upgrade it to what we had before.

TRS-80s weren't particularly popular round my neck of the woods, and it's
been extraordinariliy difficult to find any of or anything for them.

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