ZDTV sightings...

From: Wirehead Prime <wirehead_at_retrocomputing.com>
Date: Thu Dec 31 16:13:50 1998

> ZDTV is running a news story on donation of old equipment (right now) and -
> of all things - they had a *big* table full of classic equipment! Just in
> glancing, I saw 2 Tandy 100/102's, I think an Epson HX-20, and -
> wherethehell'dtheygetit??? a Tandy 600! That really caught my eye.

Hmmm...I was flipping around on cable today and saw a glimpse of a machine.
In the movie Manhattan Project (John Lithgow and some kid), toward the
end of the movie they're sitting in the lab after the kid's assembled his
little nuke and in the background it looked like an 11/20 or an 11/45 and
definitely had a pair of DecTape drives on it. Just got a glimpse though
because I blinked. Thought that was amusing since the film was made in the

Anthony Clifton, kc0cue
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