ZDTV sightings...

From: Bill Pechter <pechter_at_monmouth.com>
Date: Thu Dec 31 18:31:23 1998

> Hmmm...I was flipping around on cable today and saw a glimpse of a machine.
> In the movie Manhattan Project (John Lithgow and some kid), toward the
> end of the movie they're sitting in the lab after the kid's assembled his
> little nuke and in the background it looked like an 11/20 or an 11/45 and
> definitely had a pair of DecTape drives on it. Just got a glimpse though
> because I blinked. Thought that was amusing since the film was made in the
> 80s.
> Anthony Clifton, kc0cue

Hell, Princeton Plasma Physics was still using an 11/10 (or 11/05)
to measure stuff at the Tokamak in about 84 or 85. RCA Solid State
was running an 11/20 up through about 85 as well in Somerville, NJ.

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