Visual Basic for DOS?

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun Feb 1 19:37:45 1998

>Dave wrote:
>>Max Eskin wrote:
>> It is my understanding that there was once a (Microsoft?) Visual Basic
>> for DOS. Was it like VB for Windows, and was it any better than QBasic?
>There was a Microsoft QuickBasic for DOS. I believe it got up to at
>least version 4.0. I used it long ago on a project or two.
>You probably can find a cheap (~$20?) copy of this at some used software
>store, like Half Price Software.

The commercially available version of QuickBasic differs from the one that
comes with DOS in part by being compiliable. Some versions support 16-bit

There was a version of Visual Basic for DOS, I think it was around the
version 2 timeframe, or it might have been between 1 & 2. In any case your
best bet of finding it would be the used software places. I think it was
pretty short lived, as it came out at about the time MS quit doing DOS
stuff. I can't remember if it let you share your code with the standard
VB, but I think it did. In any case it would be better than the commercial
QuickBasic, and either is better than what comes with DOS.


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